• flying person at SEAT exhibition booth, motorshow Geneva

  • Unveiling of the new stadium sign, VfL Bochum

  • Moving backdrops at dance theatre Wuppertal

  • LED screen moved with kinetics, LLeyendecker exhibition booth at Best of Events

  • Backstage Movimentos, Autostadt Wolfsburg


Moving technology for your presentation.

Turn a traditional event into an incredible show with kinetic (moving) solutions for lighting, people, and objects! With our innovative kinetic technology, we generate breath-holding suspense on stage. From flying persons or objects, turntable applications, operating lifting platforms, moving backdrops and gates, unveilings, lighting pods (mobile light elements), and tracking rail systems with a pulley or friction wheel drive, there is nothing we cannot move for you.

With us, you receive everything from one source, from planning to realisation, appropriate for an exhibition, event, studio, or stage application. To this end, we use technology from the market-leading company Movecat, namely the DGUV17- (formerly BGV-C1) and SIL3-certified equipment and the I-MOTION network.