Suspended loads securely installed.

With us, enthusiasm and security go hand in hand. This is why you are in best hands with us when it comes to fastening, hoisting and lowering of loads. As a specialist for event technology, we secure everything right where you want it to be at your event. High above the audience, absolutely secure, fascinating to look at. Our individual solutions include planning, statics and acceptance of construction work as well as comprehensive advice.

Our top specialists for rigging design highly secure ceiling constructions with state-of-the-art trusses for fastening lighting technology, sound technology, LED video technology and decoration. Special motor chain hoists from Movecat lift up the heavy-duty trusses. We use black or silver 2-point, 3-point and 4-point trusses from various renowned manufacturers (e.g. Eurotruss, Expotruss, Slick, and Prolyte). The result: unique show effects for your audience. It goes without saying that our repertoire also includes special constructions for your event. Just confront us with your challenge – we will offer a fascinating solution.